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On my upcoming bike tour I’m carrying a Spot GEN3 Satellite-based GPS tracker, which can continuously transmit my location, even when I’m off the grid. Obviously I want to show my latest locations on this blog.

So this blog is built on WordPress and I couldn’t find a simple plugin that displays these tracks in a sidebar widget. Thus, the natural thing to do is build the widget myself, based on the available documentation from Spot and this is exactly what I did.

If you install the plugin from Github, you can create a widget like the one on the top right of this page. To configure it, you need to obtain a Google Maps API key and configure a feed for your Spot account. This feed must be public, i.e. not password protected.

In the widget settings you then enter the feed ID, i.e. the part after ?glId= in the feed URL. For example, if your feed URL is


then the feed ID is 0g1MK8mxl4NNmBYAnuiZPlX3JXyzuT19t .

What exactly is displayed depends on how you configure the feed in your Spot account. Functionality is still very basic, I might extend it in the future if people are interested.

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