South America 2017-2018: The Plan

After successfully completing my PhD I’m going on a bike tour in South America. I fly to La Paz, Bolivia on Tuesday the 19th of September and I will return from Buenos Aires on Thursday the 11th of January of 2018. This means I have almost 4 months in South America.

What happens in between is still open, though the plan is to cycle south from La Paz, visiting among others:

thus ending up in Ushaia, from where I fly to Buenos Aires and then back to the Netherlands. The planned track is displayed below and is available in full detail on GPSies.

South America 2017-2018 route overview

The planned distance is about 6700 km, which I know is quite ambitiuous in relation to available time, but I’ll just see how things go and adjust accordingly. I might have to take a bus on some stretch or just end the trip somewhere else if I run out of time before reaching Ushuaia.

During the trip I’ll post updates with photos on this blog, although I may be off line for extended periods of time because I’m travelling in regions without Internet access.

I’m also carrying a SPOT GEN3 Global Satellite GPS Messenger so I can contact emergency services even when my cell phone is out of reach of a network. Additionally this tracker can send a few predefined messages via satellite, as well as transmit my location every 10 minutes while I’m on the move. These locations will be displayed live in the sidebar on the right or on this page.

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